Cup knife, 2.14" H, 2.8" W, 0.122" thick, hole 1/2" x .811".Flail Mowers: John Deere: 25 (uses 36), 25A (uses 36), 360 (uses 27), 370 (uses 33), 390 (uses 42). Replaces TP-P66945. Will replace: Dandl S2042, Befco 40, Rears FL920, Vrisimo CD2110, JD E31900, JD P66945, Rhino ORC15, Flory 6022709.

Item#: 125-CK123L
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these will get you by

the knives on my ford 917 mower deck were shot, and i wanted to get something to get me through a small mowing job i bid. these are just plain old steel, without any edge treatment to lengthen their life. but you get what you pay for. Shipping wasn't as quick as the site implies, but i'll use them again in the future.


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