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Filter, Oil, 2-7/8” OD, 27/32” ID, 4-1/2” Length. Tractor: Massey Ferguson: FE35, FE35X, FE65, FE65, MF130, MF135, MF135, MF140, MF140S, MF148, MF150, MF150, MF152, 152 MKIII, MF154-4, MF154F, MF154S, MF164F, MF164S, MF165, MF165, MF20, MF203, MF205, MF2135, MF2200, MF2500, MF254, MF25D, MF30, MF300, MF302, MF304, MF3165, MF32, MF3303, MF3305, MF35, MF356, MF40, MF50D, MF65D, MF97D, MF97LP, Super 90; Industrial: MF100, MF20, MF200 Crawler: MF202, MF204, MF203, MF205, MF2135, MF2155, MF2200, MF3165, MF2244, MF2500, MF30, MF302, MF304, MF356, MF40, MF50, MF50A, MF65; Combines: 300, 300D, MF86.
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