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Fuel Filter, Can type, 4-3/8 inch tall diesel fuel filter used with the CAV fuel filter system. Allis Chalmers Tractors: 7600, 7630, 7650, 8610, 8745, 8765, 8775, 8785, 9735, 9745, ST25, ST30X. Ford/New Holland Tractors: 3230, 3430, 3930, 4630, 4830, 5030, 5610, 5510, 7610, 7710, 7810, 7910, 8210, 8530, 8630, 8730, 8830, 9030, TW5, TW10, TW15, TW20, TW25, TW30, TW35. Ford/New Holland Industrials: 555D, 575D, 655D, 675. Ford/New Holland Skidsteers/Loaders: L865, LX865, LX885, A62, A64, A66. Massey Ferguson Tractors: MF145, MF200B, MF200C, MF200D, MF245, MF251XE, MF255, MF261, MF265, MF270, MF275, MF275DT, MF275ST, MF282, MF283, MF290, MF292, MF294, MF294-4, MF355, MF365, MF375, MF383, MF390, MF390T, MF398, MF415, MF415N, MF435, MF560, MF575, MF590, MF670, MF675, MF690, MF698T, MF1100, MF1114, MF2620, MF2625, MF2640, MF2645, MF2680, MF2685, MF2720, MF2725, MF2745, MF2775, MF2805, MF3330, MF3340, MF3050, MF3060, MF3065, MF3070, MF3350, MF3355, MF3505, MF3525, MF3545, MF3630, MF3650, MF3670, MF3680, MF3690, MF8140, MF8150, MF8160, MF8170, MF8180, MF8240, MF8245, MF8250, MF8260, MF8270, MF8280. Massey Ferguson Industrials: 20C, 30B, 30D, 30H, 33, 40B, 50C, 50D, 50E, 50EX, 50F, 50H, 50HX, 60H, 4500, 6500. Massey Ferguson Combines: MF7250, MF7252, MF7254, MF7256, MF7272, MF7274, MF7276, MF7278 Bobcat Skid Steers: 974 (Perkins 4.236).
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