Thrip and nematode protection in cotton
There’s a reason why many university researchers and cotton consultants across the Cotton Belt include AgLogic 15GG brand aldicarb in their research trials every year. It’s the standard used to measure the performance of all other options including experimental and registered pesticides as well as a wide range of seed treatments.

“I started including AgLogic 15GG in my trials because there’s really no better comparison,” says Brandon Phillips, consultant in Ben Hill County, GA. “I don’t care if you’re talking about a competitive in-furrow pesticide or a seed treatment. If they can’t beat AgLogic 15GG (aldicarb) in terms of performance, the choice seems obvious.”

 The primary targets are nematodes and thrips for the majority of growers in Georgia and almost any other growing area across the Cotton Belt.

 “In terms of nematodes Telone is an option,” he says. “But it is just too pricey for almost any grower to consider, and it doesn’t do anything to control thrips.”

 While seed treatments have gained some popularity in recent years, Phillips is not convinced that even premium seed treatments with multiple modes of action are the solution when it comes to thrips control.

 “A seed treatment is not going to last more than 10-14 days,” he says. “If you plant early that plant might sit there after emergence because of cooler soil temperatures, cooler weather with the thrips eating it. But if you use AgLogic 15GG you’re going to get a growth spurt. You can see the difference. And you can definitely see the difference in early season thrips pressure.”

 It’s the early factor and corresponding yield advantage that have convinced Phillips that using AgLogic in-furrow at planting is worth the effort. It’s also the impact on the root system early in the growth cycle.

 “In my opinion, one of the reasons you’re getting that yield bump is due to the enhanced root system that is picking up additional nutrients, water and whatever else the plant needs,” he says. “It’s been well documented that an early strong root system which includes the lateral roots is key for optimal performance throughout the season.”

 Again, that enhanced plant performance is tied to early season pest control, according to Phillips.

 “I would say on average only about 10 percent of AgLogic 15GG treated fields need to be sprayed for thrips,” he says. “If thrips jump on a crop right out of the gate, it’s going to delay the maturity. It’s that simple.”

 That early advantage continues until the grower runs the picker through the field. Phillips has a strong recommendation regarding at-planting inputs based on his trial results, but perhaps mostly based on what he sees as a consultant every season as a consultant out in the field.

 “I think growers should put AgLogic under every acre of cotton in Georgia,” he says. “It’s consistent, and there are decades of research to back it up.”

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