Start planning not for hot weather safety

With #plant2021 in full swing, summer is right around the corner, and with it dangerously hot temperatures. While everyone is busy planting crops and caring for livestock, don’t forget to plan for safety as well.

Farm work is often unpredictable and risky, especially when working out in the elements. Heat stress, extended sun exposure, and longer working hours are risks farmers and farm workers often face during the summer months.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility on the farm. Farm workers should not only work safely themselves, they should look out for one another. Prevention is key and there are plenty of ways

to reduce the strain of working in hot weather. Wear appropriate clothing like loose fitting cotton and moisture wicking fabrics. Stay hydrated yourself and have plenty of water available for everyone. Proper employee training and supervision can go a long way to prevent heat stress and hot weather related injuries or illnesses. Everyone should know the signs of heat stress and what to do if someone experiences distress.

Any job that causes your body temperature to rise has the potential to cause heat stress, but there are ways to keep workers safe, no matter where you work. Heat stress can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heart attack and other physical health effects. Heat stress can also impact business on a farm when jobs are often tied to weather and available labour.

Knowing the symptoms of heat stress is just as important as prevention. If you or someone you’re working with shows signs of fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty focusing or excessive sweating, take action immediately by removing yourself or your co-worker to a cooler location and drink plenty of water.

Quality Farm Supply offers a full range of air conditioner replacement parts for farm equipment. Working in a tractor, sprayer, combine, or backhoe without working air conditioning is not only uncomfortable, it’s dangerous.

Whether you have a John Deere, Ford Tractor, Allis-Chalmers, CASE IH, Massey Ferguson, New Holland or practically any other make of tractor, you can choose from our tractor A/C evaporators, air condensers, air compressors or tractor air blower motors.

Now is the time to act; before days get too long and hot weather sets in. A little work on equipment air conditioning now may prevent a work stoppage or tragedy in midsummer. Run the air conditioning system and check its cooling ability. Adding coolant, replacing a fuse, or installing a new switch might be all that is needed. If more extensive repair and replacement is necessary, consult your equipment repair manual and visit for same day free shipping on orders over $200.

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