Customer Testimonials

When Brenton Moseley became the general manager of Genesis Rail Services in Bluefield, West Virginia, 2½ years ago, it didn’t take long for him to discover the value and convenience of Quality Farm Supply. After using a variety of sources to purchase parts and equipment during his first few months on the job, Moseley said he felt the need to find a better way to do things. He said he started making larger purchases from the online supplier after doing a little investigating.

“I did a Google search,” said the 33-year-old Moseley, whose business provides service work for the railroad and is located in a town of around 10,000 people near the Virginia state line. “We were having trouble with our previous supply stores. We would have to drive to five or six stores to find everything we needed. I shopped around to find something that would be delivered to us. It saved a lot of time. I could do a big order and have it delivered in two or three days, and I’d be able to focus on other parts of the company instead of using that time to drive around looking for parts.”

Moseley said some of the supplies he orders from Quality Farm Supply are the 3500 series yokes and drive lines, U-joints, and slip clutches. He said he can have parts delivered to wherever he needs them, a factor especially helpful when his job takes him down many miles of railroad.

“When we’re out on the road, we’ve had them shipped directly to the motel,” Moseley said.

Moseley said he is quick to suggest Quality Farm Supply to others in his line of work.

“The customer response from you guys compared to other online retailers is far superior,” Moseley said.

“If you guys don’t have something readily available I can find out about it immediately, instead of waiting to find out six weeks later that it is on back order and won’t be coming available.”

-Brenton Mosely

Dean Zimmerman, a 57-year old farmer from Royalton, Minnesota, likes the convenience Quality Farm Supply offers. Zimmerman -- who spends much of his time farming corn, soybeans, potatoes and kidney beans in a town of just over 1,200 people located in the middle of Minnesota – said he does a lot of his shopping online. He was looking for Sunflower disc parts when he discovered Quality Farm Supply. He was able to order bearings, blades, spools and “a bunch of other stuff” from the website. He said he has ordered at least a couple more times since the initial visit to “It is a very good website, so it worked out well,” Zimmerman said. “The price was good. It was easy to order online. Everything was shipped in and came in very promptly, so it worked out good. They’ve got a pretty good product line, so I will probably be ordering there some more.” He said one of his favorite things about ordering online from Quality Farm Supply is that his ordering habits are not mandated by what hours a particular store is open for business. He does not even have to leave his tractor or combine to put in an order – he can simply use his smartphone whenever and wherever he realizes he needs parts. He can even place orders for parts at bedtime, breakfast time, or somewhere in between. “It seems like there are probably less outlets to buy stuff like this these days,” Zimmerman said. “The reason I went to Quality Farm Supply is because they’ve got a good website. It is easy to order. I order it in the evening when nobody is open. I don’t have to wait until the next morning and drive to the store and order parts. It saves me a lot of time."

-Dean Zimmerman

Jason Biel
of Long Prairie, Minnesota, first discovered Quality Farm Supply when looking for parts for a farm trailer about three years ago, and the 38-year-old small business owner has been a loyal customer ever since.

Biel, who runs a fabrication and repair business in a town with a population of around 3,500 people located in central Minnesota, said he’ll be making another order before the summer turns into fall. He said there are multiple reasons he keeps going back to

“Probably the biggest thing I like about Quality Farm Supply is their prices,” Biel said. “Their availability is great, and the free shipping is wonderful. The bottom line is dollars.”

Biel said his primary purchases with Quality Farm Supply include implement rims, axles and wheel bearings for farm trailers. He doesn’t have to drive anywhere to make his orders, or even be sitting in front of a computer.

“Their website is pretty easy to navigate,” Biel said. “A lot of times I search for things with my smartphone. It’s pretty easy to deal with, even with a smartphone.”

Biel said he also likes that Quality Farm Supply doesn’t waste any time getting his orders ready to ship.

“It usually takes two to three days,” he said. “The shipping companies get it here, but they obviously get it ready to ship quickly.”

Biel said he’s quick to let others know about the convenience, affordability and speediness of Quality Farm Supply.

“I have recommended it to other people,” Biel said. “Associates where I’m employed, people looking for farm-related supplies, I’ll tell them about Quality Farm Supply.”

-Jason Biel

“Selection” is the first thing that comes out of the mouth of Kenneth Lawson when asked what he likes most about Quality Farm Supply.

Lawson is the 54-year-old owner of Kalco Corporation, a greenhouse equipment manufacturer located in McMinnville, Tennessee. McMinnville, known as the “Nursery Capital of the World,” is a town with a population of around 14,000 people and is located between Nashville and Chattanooga in middle Tennessee. Lawson said he started using Quality Farm Supply about three years ago when searching for equipment used in irrigation. The business owner said he had trouble finding the types and the amount of water nozzles and caps he needed for his business at the town’s local supply store.

A simple internet search led him to Northeast Arkansas-based Quality Farm Supply.

“Some of our machines use up to 10 of these nozzles,” Lawson said. “Quality Farm Supply has a large selection of spray nozzles. Lots of people have just three or four options, whereas Quality Farm Supply has a whole lot of options.”

Lawson said his company orders on a quarterly basis with Quality Farm Supply. He said they order in large amounts, enough to last until it’s time to order again.

“Selection and price are the main things I like about them. Then, after that, it is their shipping,” Lawson said.

“They will ship it out the same day if at all possible. They stay on top of that.”

-Kenneth Lawson

With a full-time job to go along with his farming duties, 38-year-old Matt Thorpe does not have a lot of extra time to drive around time looking for parts when something needs to be attended to on the farm.

Thorpe, who lives in Newsoms, Virginia, a town located in the southeast part of the state with a population of 321 in the most recent census in 2010, works a full-time job with Dominion Energy, a utility company. In his “spare” time, Thorpe farms peanuts, cotton, soybeans, wheat and corn.

The easy online accessibility of Quality Farm Supply is a big time saver and works well for Thorpe.

“It was a Google internet search, and I was looking for random parts,” Thorpe said of his first experience with Quality Farm Supply in August of 2015. “I went to their website and found what I was looking for, plus a bunch of other things. It is easy to go online and make a purchase.”

Thorpe said he mainly orders parts for cotton picker machines. He said he makes orders about four or five times a year. Value is a big drawing point.

“The prices are pretty fair,” Thorpe said. “One thing I like is the shipping charges – they are very affordable, especially for heavier freight. When you order in bulk, some of those deliveries are pretty heavy.”

Thorpe also likes the speediness of Quality Farm Supply when it comes to delivery.

“Most things get here in a couple of days,” he said. “Heavier freight might take a little more time, maybe three to five days, but that is very reasonable when you are dealing with bulk orders.”

Not only does Thorpe order directly from the website, but he also receives some personalized customer service when he is in need of a little help finding something.

“I am really impressed with the girl that works with me there when I need something,” he said. “She’s always very helpful and responds really quickly with the emails. She does a good job.”

Thorpe said he extols the virtues of Quality Farm Supply to others in his line of work.

“I definitely have told others about Quality Farm Supply,” he said.

-Matt Thorpe

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