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Dust seal, felt, 1-15/32 inch I.D. x 2-9/64 inch O.D. x 1/4 inch wide. For top of front axle spindle. Tractors: MH50 (fixed axle), MF65 (fixed axle), MF85, MF88, MF90, MF135 (fixed axle), MF165 (except LPG), MF175, MF180, MF230 (except swept back axle), MF231, MF235 orchard, MF240 (prior to s/n 2773N01001), MF245 (except vineyard with fixed axle), MF250, MF253, MF255, MF265, MF270, MF275, MF282, MF283, MF285, MF290, MF360, MF670, MF690, MF1080, MF1085. Industrials: 20 (fixed axle), 20C, 20D, 30, 30B, 30D, 30E, 31, 35 utility, 40, 40B, 40E, 200 (fixed axle), 302 (prior to s/n 119700021), 304 (prior to s/n 119750021), 2135 utility, 3165.
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