KUBOTA: Clutch Disc, 8-1/2 inch woven, 1 inch, 10 spline hub. Tractors: L225, L235, L245, L245H, L260, L275, L275DT, L285P, L295, 295DT, L2050, L2050DT, L2050DT, L2250DT, L2350, L2350DT, L2500, L2500DT, L2550, L2550 TOW, L2550DT, L2550DT-GST, L2602DT, L2650DT-GST, L3000, L3000DT, B2150HST, B9200HSD, B9200HST. SHORT LINES: Clutch Disc, 8-1/2 inch woven, 1 inch 10 spline hub. Tractors: LK2554.

Item# : 66419-13400
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