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Fixed my connection problem

The hook on my Harbor Freight Quick hitch did not stick out far enough to grab the top pin on some of my implements before the hook supporting plates or bolts would interfere and prevent the hook from getting under the pin. This hook sticks out a little bit farther, which solved my proble. It is only maybe a half an inch difference, but that is all I needed. This hook is also a bit thicker than the other, so that I had to bang in place between the quick hitch support plates. I think this is more a problem with the quick hitch tolerences, than the hook. I will have to find a way to ben those plates out slightly to make it easier to move the hook, but no big deal.


Fixed the reach problem I had with my other hook.

The hook on my Harbor Freight quick hitch could not get under the top pin of some of my implements. This hook reaches out maybe a half in farther, which is enough to fix the problem of interference with the support plates and bolts, to get the hook under the pin.


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