Tapered edge flat spray pattern for uniform coverage in broadcast spraying. Stainless Steel construction. 30-60 PSI Range. Coarse droplet size at 80 degree spray angle. Coarse droplet size at 110 degree spray angle from 30-40 PSI. Medium droplet size from 50-60 PSI at 110 degree spray angle. 0.69-0.98GPM Capacity in one nozzle. Typical Applications: Excellent for use in directed applications in air blast spraying for orchards and vineyards and other specialty crops. Also well suited for applications of*: insecticides fungicides defoilants foliar fertilizers. *: For pressures of 40 PSI (3bar)

Item#: 878-TP11008
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878TP11008,2334878-TP11008,11008 BR,




Stainless Steel

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